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Netsavvies X Clientjoy
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We intend to bring this announcement to public notice by stating our gratification about Netsavvies Media Co. being merged into Clientjoy.io. We are glad to announce ‘Netsavvies X Clientjoy’.

As a company, Netsavvies has been operating in the digital marketing industry for the past 6 years. With a diverse team of 45+ people, our core strength lies in utilizing our expertise from each domain. We facilitated the reach of our clients’ products/services to greater masses.

Working on projects for exceptional clients such as Andhra Pradesh Government, IEEE Sensors, Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit, and more has enabled us to gain extensive experience across several segments. Apart from that, Netsavvies is also the parent company of three IPs, namely Hungrito, WhatToWatch, and Tripsavvies. Conceptualized with an aim to curate a community, Hungrito is now a family of 120k+ audiences across 6 social media platforms.

Netsavvies X Clientjoy
Over the years, exploring new arenas has always been a key ingredient for us at Netsavvies. We have been running a rail of experiences while working on various segments. Our work has enabled us to explore the fragments of consultancy, web development, designing, marketing, and event management. After an extended study of our operations, we are taking upon another adventure, expanding our scope and trail of work. As we go further with our background & experience, we enhance the succession & join into a larger rail of development that Clientjoy is.

Clientjoy is a SaaS-based complete client experience management platform. Its’ product helps agencies and freelancers to manage all of their business operations seamlessly under one platform. The association of Netsavvies Media Co. and Clientjoy trace back to a long path. We have been working with Clientjoy and have personally used and witnessed the marvel that the platform is. We now look forward to utilizing this synergy and merge the fundamental operations and strengths of both the parties involved. Clientjoy currently has an extensive portfolio of over 1500 clients and aims to target agencies across the globe. With the amalgamation of our strengths with Clientjoy’s fundamental strengths in the technical and client services domain, we plan to take Clientjoy to a larger audience.

Through this merger, as we announce Netsavvies X Clientjoy, both the companies hope to, among other things; focus their efforts to bring greater & efficient services to our clients and the industry.

We are fairly certain that our collective combined power and efforts will give rise to practices that create a more positive impact in the industry out there.

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Sahil Shah

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