The Rise Of YouTube Unboxing Videos

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Do you find yourself often scrolling through YouTube for a vivid entertaining time? Does it happen that you unknowingly keep hopping onto different videos and end up at somewhere totally different than what you intended? Well, that is how YouTube works wonders. You have endless kinds of content to engage in. One such huge phenomenon is about the ‘unboxing videos’ on YouTube.

What are unboxing videos?

Just what the name suggests, Unboxing videos are the ones where people take something out of a box and display it to the audience. They go on talking about the products and explaining its features. They are in a way, reviews of certain products and talks about the pros and cons of it.

Who makes these videos?

People of all kinds and ages are involved in making these videos. Kids, influencers, and just anybody who is interested in new kinds of products makes these videos. Even you can join in and start with a category of products that you love.

What kinds of products work in unboxing videos?

The focus product categories vary depending upon the person who is making those videos. Kids usually do this with products like toys, candies, games and other merchandise. Beauty bloggers focus on unboxing of cosmetics, makeup and beauty products. There are people who make these videos for high-end gadgets like smartphones, watches, headphones and other gadgets.

Do Companies pay to these creators?

Companies usually do not pay these creators directly. The perks range from getting a demo/free product to many times a promotional deal. At times, they also pay them to attend events where these products are displayed.

Why do people love seeing these videos?

It is a natural human tendency to think before making a huge purchase decision. If you are going to buy a really expensive gadget, you wouldn’t mind somebody showing it to you and explaining about its features, pros and cons. The YouTube unboxing videos do just that. These videos also help a buyer to choose the alternatives listed. These videos show you the realness of a specific object. Also, it surges the infatuation associated with acquiring new products.

Which are some of the most popular channels making unboxing videos on YouTube?

1. Ryan Toys Review:
This channel shows a young boy unpacking and playing with new toys. The videos show Ryan’s reactions while he unboxes new toys. One or both of his parents join him in the videos. This channel, currently has 21.9M subscribers.

2. Unbox therapy:
A channel by Lewis Hilsenteger is very popular with 15.5M subscribers. He aims on unboxing and showcasing the coolest products including cars, backpacks and gadgets.


3. Fun Toys Collector Disney Toys Review:
This channel showcases unboxing videos about toys for infants, babies, toddlers and pre school children. They review products from brands such as Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon,Play-doh and more. The channel has over 11.7M subscribers.


4. Boo Boo TV:
The channel has literally got its’ audience drooling. They make unboxing videos for candies and other such delicacies. With 1.64M subscribers on Youtube, the most popular of their videos are the ones where they unbox Kinder joy.


5. UrAvgConsumer:
A YouTube channel run by Judner Aura with 2.59M subscribers is quite popular. He started making videos with tech reviews and is not known for his unboxing videos for products like gadgets and moreover, specifically for smartphones.


Well, YouTube unboxing videos are turning out to be the most reliable medium for many customers. Today, you can find over 66 million search results for the YouTube unboxing videos.

According to a survey by Google, 57% of the survey participants used YouTube to find information before buying an electronic product.
Do you also have some favourite youtubers on your list? What are the top products that you would love to see being unboxed?
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