Ace Your Social Media Strategies For 2020

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As the new year is just about to begin, we are eager to witness how the new social media trends frame up into strategies for brands. With each passing day, the number of users on social media is increasing and it has become an integral part of people’s daily lives. According to the emerging trends, here are a few ways to improve and ace your social media strategies for 2020:

1. An increased social media budget:

With increasing competition among the social media platforms, it is also very likely that we witness an increase in the cost associated with developing and running successful social media campaigns. These platforms are also investing more to improve the machine learning behind their advertising platforms. It will be important to set aside an increased social media budget to be able to cope with the competitive advancements.

2. More video content:

Videos are very well retained by the human brain, the audience really loves video content as they are engaging and self explanatory. According to social media today, there is a 49% faster revenue growth for marketers using videos. It is predicted that 80% of global internet traffic will be attributed to videos by 2021.

3. Social commerce:

It is very important to provide your users with a call to action button. Marketers can use a buy button as a supplement with their ads. The button can easily act as a component to bridge the gap between reaching a website or an app from your socials. It can also lead to greater conversion rates.

4.  Chatbots:

Studies have shown that 56% people prefer messaging a brand rather than calling a customer service line. With the rise of AI, Chatbots can be an option to help the brands to create a one on one interaction experience for their audience. The users can get a personalised experience and they are usually more inclined to such experiences.

5. User generated content:

Audience are now adopting user generated content at a higher rate than before. Many brands motivate their audiences to create content and tag the brand. Various incentives are also provided for the same. User generated content is considered very authentic and the users can often be portrayed as the spokesperson for a brand.

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