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Pinterest Marketing| Marketing Strategies
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Pinterest is very commonly used as a visual search engine. Originally, it was just being used as a platform to look out for home decor and recipe ideas but gradually, much more is being added to it. Pinterest is a platform that houses inspiration for multiple things such as photography, graphics and more.

For businesses with a visual mindset at their focus, Pinterest marketing can be a great alternative to make your brand recognizable. According to Sprout Social, 55% of users are specifically there to find images of new products and Pinterest is an extremely powerful traffic diving platform.

To get started with using Pinterest for your brand, let us look at some of the crucial requirements to signify your brand’s presence over the platform.

Branding your profile:

Branding your profile is the primary step to create one’s presence on any social media platform. Start by creating a Business Pinterest Account in order to access features such as analytics, rich pins and more.

Brand your profile with appropriate visual elements that make it recognizable and in sync with your brand identity. The first step to doing so would be to choose an appropriate cover board.
The Pinterest cover board is similar to the cover photo of your Facebook profile. When you select a cover board, pins from that board are shown on the very top of your profile.
Adding a branded board comprising of blog posts, graphics, product shots, and other designs is a very good step that adds to making your brand recognizable.
Ensure that it follows the same color scheme and fonts making it more uniform for the profile.

Pinterest Marketing| Marketing Strategies


Select five showcase boards to be displayed on your profile
Showcase boards are the first five boards visible right underneath your name and bio. You can select up to five showcase boards to be displayed at the top of your profile. These boards will slide from one board to the next.

Pinterest Marketing| Marketing Strategies


Select and upload a profile photo
It is very likely to set your logo as the profile picture on your brand’s Pinterest profile.

Write the bio
It is advisable to keep the same bio across all social media platforms for a brand. This will likely be helpful in communicating a uniform message. Hashtags aren’t necessarily required for your Pinterest bio but it works well when your bio communicates your brand’s mission and offerings clearly.

Brand your board covers
In order to match boards with the rest of your branding material, you can choose specific covers for your brands. You can either create and upload separate board covers to each board or you can choose a pin from each board to select it as the profile picture.

Verify your website
It is important to verify your website in order to get access to analytics for your site and unlock features such as rich pins to share more information about your link. Pinterest provides a code snippet that is to be placed on your site.

Framing and determining your content strategy:

You will also need to layout the type of content that you wish to share on Pinterest. Pins, infographics and blog posts work really well on platforms like Pinterest.

Product pins are one of the most popular types of pins that you can find on Pinterest:
For a retailer or an online store, you can never go wrong with capturing stunning photos and turning them into pins. People love browsing the platform and hence, Pinterest is a major discovery engine for shopping. Beautiful product photos help in catching the audience’s attention.

Blog Post Graphics
Blog post graphics can be used to promote the articles published on your website. Make these pins stand out by creating well designed vertical pins. Appealing photos or graphic designs along with easily readable bold text works well for Blog post graphics.

Pinterest Marketing| Marketing Strategies


Infographic pins
Utilize your brand’s Pinterest presence to share valuable information through infographics. The data can be visually conveyed through graphic organizers, data visualizations and more.

Pinterest Marketing| Marketing Strategies


Lead Magnets
Make sure to formulate a lead magnet for your brand. Those can either be trial subscriptions, samples, white papers, e-newspapers, and free consultations. Lead magnets are a great intentional way to collect contact information and can also be used to create sales leads. Make sure that your lead magnets are designed well and stand out from the rest of the content in order to leverage maximum actions.

Joining community boards:

Joining and creating community or group boards is a great step to add to your Pinterest marketing strategy. Inviting others to contribute to your board is a great way to reach a new audience.

Join boards by searching for prominent pinners and checking boards relevant to your industry. Usually, you only need to follow an account, give the owner your email address or fill out a contact form in order to join their specific boards. Remain active by promoting your own content and creating other content as well.

Focusing on Pinterest SEO:

Pinterest has its own algorithms and own SEO rules like any other specific search engines in order to fulfil the Pinterest marketing criteria. You need to accommodate these rules and implement those on your profile to increase the rankings.
It is important to ensure keyword usage in your Pinterest bio, your pins, and your boards.
Keyword stuffing is a bad idea, instead, try and use the exact words that describe your pins and boards. SEO strategies can also be utilized while writing your board descriptions. Make sure to include main and secondary keywords.

Schedule out fresh pins:

In today’s times, where every event/ instance demands a reaction from brands through social media, it is important to continuously share fresh content on Pinterest. By doing so, you can improve the quality of your profile and increase the likelihood of Pinterest sharing your content through search results.

Get started with Pinterest marketing and make the best use of your brand’s visual content. As they say ‘ A picture speaks a thousand words’, let your Pinterest presence do that for your brand.

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