Brands Running Their Super Creative Commercials During Super Bowl

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Super Bowl- the annual championship game of the National Football League is played between mid-January and early February every year. Superbowl Sundays are America’s biggest professional sporting event. This year, on Sunday, 2nd February, National Football League’s 100th year ended with Super Bowl 54 and The Kansas City Chiefs won over San Fransisco 49ers. Super Bowl is a great time for brands to put their best foot forward in advertising. Let us have a look at the list of best-ranking ads that ran during the game.

1.Hyundai- Smaht Pahk:

Chris Evans, John Krasinski and Rachel Dratch star in this commercial where they discuss Hyundai’s new park assist feature. David Ortiz makes a special cameo and categorizes Hyundai Sonata‘s features as ‘wicked smart’.

2.Rocket Mortgage- Jason Momoa:

The rocket mortgage commercial started trending in a short time after it aired and became a meme. ‘Aquaman’ certainly nailed the game and got laughs stirring for this commercial.

3.Jeep- Groundhog Day:

A fil ‘Groundhog Day’ was released in 1993, in which Bill Murray starred. Jeep decided to follow the same theme for heir Super Bowl commercial where Bill Murray again starred driving a new jeep this time. The commercial featured several similar scenes as of the film.

4.Google- Loretta:

This commercial is sure of tinging an emotional teardrop from the audience. The commercial shows an old man using Google virtual assistant in the fond memory of his late wife.

5.Doritos- The Cool Ranch Long Form:

Lil Nas X, one of the biggest music stars from 2019 appears as a Cowboy in this Doritos advertisement and participates in a dance-off against Sam Elliot. A cameo from Billy Ray Cyrus adds to the charm of this commercial.

6.Hulu- Tom Brady:

Days before Superbowl LIV, fans were overjoyed when Tom Brady posted a picture on Instagram in the tunnel of a stadium. He made it seem like he was announcing his retirement but actually just talked about a television streaming device.

7.Kia- Josh Jacobs:

Josh Jacobs plays high on the assurance factor for this commercial and is seen advising his younger self on never giving up and proving what one can do on the football field.

8.Mountain Dew- Bryan Cranston:

Bryan Cranston has been a fan favorite since the times of Breaking Bad. He plays a part from the movie “The Shining” and ends just like the film does with a hilarious note.

9.Bud Light- Inside Post Malone’s Brain:

It is well known that Post Malone enjoys drinking Bud Light. The post is controlled by an operating system in this commercial. It ends on a quite funny note with his closing line “Got any pretzels?”

10.Amazon Alexa: Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi:

In this commercial, we can see the two ladies enjoying a regular day leading off a joke about what life was like before Alexa. The commercial follows a series of people throughout history asking a certain version (person/other sources) of Alexa to do something for them.These brands surely did some super amazing work and the audience loved these commercials during Super Bowl Sunday.Which one tops the list of your favorites?
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