Neil Patel Analyses: Industries Getting Crushed By Google In Their SEO

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Neil Patel- the renowned marketer and SEO expert, recently released a video revealing ‘5 Industries That Are Getting Crushed By Google In Their SEO’
Recently, Google has worked on algorithm updates that enable it to regulate several mechanisms for certain industries. Brands and marketers may be disheartened with some of these updates as it doest allow to manipulate SEO or rankings through keyword stuffing or unnecessary link building.
But, through these updates, Google is making sure that people don’t consume bad information when it comes to sensitive topics.
Neil Patel has listed down the following five industries that are going to face the maximum impact by this change in algorithm updates:

1. Travel Agencies:

Google’s algorithm updates are likely to impact travel agencies the most because Google’s featured snippets have made it very easy for searchers to find answers. While planning your vacation, you don’t need to scroll through a travel agencies’ whole website to look for the alternatives and packages they offer. A simple google search that says ‘ Hotels in Thailand’ redirects you to snippets showing the most affordable options. You no longer need to follow the whole process of searching for which agencies provide international services, specifically Thailand and then look through the available options. When you can directly avail the services from a simple Google search, you will not access a travel agency’s website and hence, they will lose significant traffic.

2. A Startup Business:

When commencing a new venture, startups strive for significant presence and visibility. Considering the online presence, Google’s new algorithm updates are now making it even harder for newcomers to ever rank for competitive keywords. ¬†Suppose you are starting a new E-commerce website, imagine how tough it would be to rank for the keywords ‘Online shopping’, ‘Online shopping site’ or even ‘E-commerce India’ because right now you are competing for keywords with companies such as Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra who already have a major stake in the market and have built authority in the online world. This creates a situation wherein the funds that startups acquire goes towards their sales and marketing instead of allocating it to development.

3. The Health Industry:

Barry Schwartz formulated a Google algorithm update called ‘The Medic Update’. It primarily focuses on organic rankings for health, fitness and medical websites. Also, the new Google search criteria ‘EAT’, which specifies the need for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness of a brand. This is a new standard set across all content types. Neil Patel further explained the same by pointing out that when a customer visits a health/ nutrition website, they do not wish to see a marketer talking about cancer treatments or cures but they wish to see a doctor discussing those topics. The audience is picky about the source of content delivery and wishes to receive information from someone credible who knows what they are talking about.

4. Finance and Legal Industries:

When Google talks about quality for webpages and content, the search quality evaluator guidelines specify YMYL which stands for ‘Your Money Your Life’, has been regulated because Google specifies that webpages should be created to help users and assures that no harmful or fake information is being delivered. According to Semrush, Finance and legal industries will be most affected because if financial or legal information is presented inaccurately, untruthfully or deceptively, it can directly impact the reader’s happiness, health, safety or financial stability. If your company is targetted by YMYL, it is very crucial to make sure that the content you are releasing is really good and useful to people.

5.  Tech Gadget Companies:

As you must be well aware that Google has its own tech products such as Google Pixel, Google Home and Pixel Slate. When one searches for ‘mobile phones’ or ‘mobile phones for sale’, Google makes sure to collect the data and create an ecosystem using their own products. Also, we cannot deny that Google’s products are really high quality and very affordable as compared to other brands that offer the same kind of quality but at prices much higher than Google’s.

In the video, he has emphasized the importance of ‘brand queries’ because Google favors brands and pushes them really hard to prevent fake news from being published. Google can rely on renowned brands for authentic information and hence enables them to rank higher according to Google algorithm updates. Startups would lack the same because they do not receive brand queries.

In order to comply and meet with the EAT criteria, Neil Patel suggests that brands should create credible and authoritative author personas. If you are out there, talking about topics related to your field, put your bio with each and every blog post. Let the audience know who you are and link to your social profiles. Do the necessary things that lead to your visibility and add up to your credibility according to the new Google algorithm updates

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