Instagram Launches ‘Threads’ | A New Messaging Option

Instagram Threads| Instagram| Messaging
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Instagram–  the photo sharing app, has attracted a large audience and has come a long way since its’ launch. A large number of audience has been using the app. Instagram keeps coming up with new features from time to time.  The recent developments with new story lenses and Instagram music have had the word going. Just a few days ago, Instagram launched ‘Instagram Threads’, a new messaging option.

Sharing relevant posts with your friends through direct message was surely fun but an alternative option for chats with your close friends couldn’t go wrong.
Get to know more details about what is Threads, How and why you should be using it:

Instagram Threads| Instagram

Threads lets you quickly share text, photos and videos with the list of your close friends on Instagram. It gives you an inbox in the app. Threads consist of components including camera, inbox and statuses.


As you open the app, the camera component opens up in the default screen to let you share photos and videos with your friends.  After you take a picture, you see circles with the pictures of your close friends listed below. You can select and send it to a specific person.


The inbox component on threads is similar to the direct messages that you use on Instagram. It shows an inbox with a list of your close friends. Threads will be your own personal inbox to interact with a selected group of people.


‘Status’ component on Instagram threads is to let you have the liberty if you don’t want to share photos/ videos or have conversations. It is another way to keep up with your friends. You can update what you are currently up to. There is an option to either choose from the default options like ‘Studying’ , ‘At home’ , ‘At the beach’ or choose options by yourself.

It is now available for IOS and android in India.

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