Quora Announces Three New Targeting Options For Advertisers

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Quora, the popular American website engaging Internet users in a questions and answers format has announced three new targeting options to the advertisers.

About Quora:

Quora, since its inception, has a prime focus on content marketing approaches. The user base of the website consists of many industry leaders from all sectors. That has been one prime reason for maintaining the audience intact.

Consider this, if you are asking a specific question that is related to a query about ‘a journalist from Times Of India’, you will be more satisfied if the person answering to you is someone who is/ has worked as a journalist for Times Of India.

According to Adam D’ Angelo, CEO, Quora, the platform has 200 million+ unique monthly visitors.  While answering the questions, marketers use the platform to showcase their expertise.  It enables them to be positioned as authority figures. It is easier to establish as well as find your niche on Quora. Advertising on Quora also lets you create effective ads in different formats that compliment to a user’s experience on Quora.

Advertising On Quora:

The Quora advertising platform is available to any business in the world. Given, they adhere to their policies and guidelines. These ads are available on auction basis wherein advertisers specify a bid regarding their willingness to pay for a click. Quora then analyses and determines the cost of that click based on the performance and competition.

Once the procedure is approved, Quora ads manager works in the following sequence:

The “Manage ads” tab shows the spending summary and details of all campaigns.

It gives information to advertisers on Quora about the following metrics: Delivery, Impressions, Clicks, Cost per click, Conversions, Spend, Conversion% and remaining budget.


Quora has now introduced three new targeting options that advertisers can opt for:

1. Keyword History Targeting:

A blend of keyword targeting and question retargeting, the keyword history targetting enables advertisers to reach people who have earlier shown interest in subjects related to the keywords that you use. Your ads will target those groups of people who have visited groups of question pages in the recent past.

2. Gender Targeting:

If your company/ brand produces/provides products or services specific to a particular gender, this approach can be useful for better targeting to a specific segment. It can let you focus your spendings directed to a particular group.

3. Browser Targeting:

You already have the options of targeting by device and mobile platforms. and now you can do it, specific to browsers including Chrome, Safari and Firefox. This feature can turn out to be useful for companies developing browser-specific software and apps.

Quora is a great platform to advertise. It is a human tendency to look for answers. People devise products and services to provide solutions to certain problems and Quora works on providing direct answers to the users’ queries. Hence, it gives similar experience like going to a physical store and asking questions regarding a product/service to a sales executive. Therefore, Quora is definitely a growing platform and a good option for advertisers on Quora to rely on.

Do you advertise on Quora? How do you like the experience and returns?

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