Youtube Stats For The Year 2020

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‘Youtube’ the video-sharing platform is one of the most commonly and widely used websites/platforms across all age groups. ‘Video’ is the best performing content type across every social media platform and we are well aware that it is the leading online platform for video viewing.

Marketers and agencies who are looking forward to maximizing their video campaigns, and place a bigger focus on quality video content, should utilize it as a platform. Here are a few statistics for 2020 to nail your A-game at Youtube marketing.

 1. Youtube has 2 billion logged-in monthly users:

From 1.8 billion in 2018, Youtube’s user base has been expanding widely every year. To enable your brand’s communication in reaching a wide audience, placing a focused emphasis and presence on Youtube can be helpful with the substantial user base established on the platform.

2. 73% of the adult population in the US uses  Youtube:

Only 37% of American adults use Instagram and 69% use Facebook. If your brand offers products/services wherein video content can come in handy, Youtube certainly should be opted as the preferred medium in order to reach out to a greater percentage of the population.

Youtube| Youtube Stats| Marketing

Source: @hootsuite

3. 81% of 15-25-year-olds in the US use Youtube:

Youtube is a more popular platform among the younger age groups. It commissioned a study a few years ago which says that’on mobile alone, it reaches more 18-34 years olds than any other TV network’.

4. 93% of video watchers in India are watching through Youtube:

India is the second biggest market for Youtube. The number of viewers from the Indian market has been constantly increasing and the statistics project the audience spread across categories of various age groups. There has been an increase in digital video viewers from 168 million in 2017 to 308 million in 2020.

Youtube| Youtube Stats| Marketing

Source: @hootsuite

5. Only 33% of popular Youtube videos are in English:

According to Emarketer, Youtube has experienced rapid growth in local language content creation. Satya Raghvan, Director, Content Partnerships, Youtube India, said that 60% viewership from India constitutes population from outside its major cities, with 95% of it in Indian languages.

6. Relevance to personal interest is a key factor for viewers while choosing to watch a video:

While a viewer chooses to watch a particular video, ‘personal interest’ plays a key role for the viewer in deciding to opt for watching the video. It is much easier for brands to promote their Youtube channels if they pinpoint their audience’s needs.

Plan the strategies for your Youtube channel right and win over the audience with quality video content.

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