15 Best Taglines And Slogans Of Brands

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Over the years, thousands and thousands of taglines and slogans have come and gone, but some are legendary. Here are some of the best taglines and slogans of brands around the world.

1. Eat Fresh, Subway

subway tagline eat fresh tagline

2. Have It Your Way, Burger King

3. The Citi Never Sleeps, Citibank

4. It gives you wiiings, Red Bull

5. It’s finger lickin’ good, KFC

6. Open Happiness, Coca-Cola

7. Impossible is nothing, Adidas

8. Because you’re worth it, L’oreal

9. Just Do It, Nike

10. The Happiest Place On Earth, Disneyland

11. I’m lovin’ it, McDonald’s

12. Never Settle, OnePlus

13. The Ultimate Driving Machine, BMW

14. The Taste of India, Amul

15. A crown for every achievement, Rolex

Which of these taglines and slogans of brands do you like the most?

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