Colour and Emotions evoked by them in Branding

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Your brand identity defines how the world perceives your brand. Colour is an integral component of that perception. Using the same colour can strengthen brand awareness.
With the mention of Coca-Cola, the colour red comes to mind. And when someone says Twitter bird colour blue pops in your head.
Here’s a quick cheat sheet for colour and their respective emotions.


Emotion: Trust, Dependable, Strength, Loyalty, Honesty, Inner Security
Industry: Security, Finance, Technology, Health-care, Accounting
Used To: Reduce Stress, Calmness, Relaxation, Security, Create Order




Emotion: Excitement, Youthful, Bold, Energy, Passion, Courage, Attention
Industry: Entertainment, Food, Sport, Fire Protection, Children Products
Used To: Stimulate, Create Urgency, Draw Attention, Caution, Encourage



Emotion: Peaceful, Growth, Health, Harmony, Kindness, Dependability
Industry: Environment, Leisure, Alternative Energy, Entertainment, Education
Used To: Restore Energy, Promote Growth, Nurture, Rejuvenate



Emotion: Friendly, Cheerful, Confidence, Optimistic, Independent, Adventurous, Creativity
Industry: Art, Entertainment, Food, Sports, Transportation
Used To: Stimulate, Communication, Draw Attention, Express Freedom, Fascinate




Emotion: Optimism, Clarity, Warmth, Enthusiasm, Opportunity, Spotantinty, Happiness, Positivity
Industry: Food, Sports, Transportation, Travel, Leisure
Used To: Stimulate, Encourage, Relaxation, Awareness, Energize



Emotion: Creative, Imaginative, Wise, Sensitivity, Mystery, Spirituality
Industry: Humanitarian, Psychic, Religion
Used To: Induce Creativity, Inspiration, Wisdom, Power, Luxury, Intuition




Emotion: Balance, Neutral, Calm, Practical, Conservative, Formal, Quite
Industry: All Industries(Mostly combination with colours)
Used To: Emotionless, Conservative, Formal, Sophisticated


So, which colour is right for your brand?

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