How #Hungrito Reached 20K Instagram Posts

How #Hungrito Reached 20K Instagram Posts
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‘Hungrito’ : ¬†A platform developed by ¬†Netsavvies Media Co. is a food discovery platform based in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. The¬†team gathers information of best food dishes on a regular basis and updates fresh data. Which enables Hungrito to ensure that our foodie community can make an informed choice with the help of cafe/restaurant reviews and photos.¬†The basic targeted audience initially was the youth present on social media.

Netsavvies being a digital marketing company aimed on building and promoting a brand through various forms of digital media. According to the nature, content and target audience for Hungrito, Instagram was the most suitable social media platform.

One of the beneficial points at that time was that in the year 2016, Instagram- the photo sharing app’s statistics showed that from the highest number of photos posted across all categories, pictures of pizza were the topmost postings. Again in the year 2018, a total of 30 crores food photos were posted on Instagram. As a brand, this trend was quite significant for Hungrito. Another point that added to the brand’s development was the food consumption culture in Ahmedabad. The people of the city are known to be fascinated by food. With time, the habit and culture of sharing what they eat on social media was also increasing gradually.

Hungrito’s inception started in June 2016. Three ¬†years later, today #Hungrito has reached 20k posts.

But why are hashtags important?

It is very important to build a brand for any business. And equally important for the brand to be visible, reachable, relevant and engaging with your customers. And while considering social media as the topmost medium of a brand’s presence, hashtags are what enables a brand to achieve the goal. Because, they help you increase your social media presence. And also makes your content viewable by the potential audience interested in content projected through your hashtag as it enables you to reach beyond just your followers.

Let’s look at a few ways #Hungrito made it to 20k posts:

1. Easy To Adapt:

Just like brand names, if you want people to resonate with your brand hashtag and remember it, the hashtags needfully should be short, memorable, relevant, rare and universal. #Hungrito is derived from the word ‘hungry’ which makes it short, memorable, gramatically easy and relevant. From the time #Hungrito was put into use, there were only 5-6 mentions which made the hashtag rare.

2. Association And Inclusion Of The Audience:

#Hungrito is used in all the posts by the page along with an action statement that reads ‘use #hungrito and get featured. The audience got quite fascinated when Hungrito featured their food photos . Hungrito has always projected itself as a ‘community’ for food lovers. The brand’s belief has been in including its audience as a significant part of the brand. This incentive enabled the audience to adapt the use of #Hungrito.

3. Depictable and Relevant:

The brand name ‘Hungrito’ is derived from the word Hungry. Therefore, it was very easy for people to relate the word Hungrito with food. So, they knew the brand name and they knew the content. ¬†As the brand went on being known to the people, the audience started relating food with Hungrito. In the initial times, food photos meant Hungrito for the audience. Hence, it became easier for them to relate with the brand and the content and use #hungrito extensively.

4. Influencer Marketing:

As Hungrito started expanding its services, and a new area of ‘Influencer Marketing’ got introduced in the field of Digital Marketing, the team started organising blogger meets at cafes and restaurants. So, Hungrito started inviting influencers from the field of food blogging. As Hungrito’s core belief was focused on building a ‘community’, influencers played a significant role for them. Those influencers started using #Hungrito for all their food photos and for times they associated with Hungrito. The use of the hashtag by influencers also motivated their followers and hence, the commoners who went out for a meal also started using the hashtag.

5. Reaching The Potential Audience:

With relevant content, #Hungrito became quite popularly associated with food. So, it then became easier to target people who were posting and exploring food photos. The viewability and usage of the hashtag increased and hence it was easier to for Hungrito to reach the potential audience. Also, Hungrito organised an event in Ahmedabad ‘Hungrito Food Fest’ in November 2018. The event received an overwhelming response from the audience and the event reach on social media was 290K+. This event played a very important role in establishing the brand’s authentic offline presence and generated greater awareness.

As all of these factors added up and led to the increased extensive use of #Hungrito, the current statistics show that 21 posts per day are posted on Instagram using the hashtag. Also, organising Hungrito Food Fest in November 2018 very fundamentally added to the offline presence and visibility of the brand. Therefore, after the successful completion of Hungrito Food Fest, the statistics reflect that the average posts per day using #Hungrito has increased to 50 posts/ day.


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