How Brands Celebrated Pride Month in 2019

how brands celebrated pride month 2019
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The month of June is celebrated across the globe as Pride Month. Our Instagram & Facebook feeds get filled with bright rainbows. We see people celebrating pride month in their own way and being a part of this movement. Let’s see how some of the worlds most popular brands celebrated pride month 2019 on social media

1. #RightToLove, Tinder

2. Two is Too Few, Lyft

3. Love Calls Back, Verizon

4. Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful, Pantene

5. Welcome Home, Smirnoff

6. What actions will you take?, Microsoft

7. Whopper Diamond, Burger King

8. Pride In Every Flavor, Uber Eats

9. Skittle

10. Air New Zealand

11. Durex

12. Acceptance Matters, Master Card

13. #ExtraShotOfPride, Starbucks

14. Ikea

15. Pride Collection, Under Armour

What do you think about brands’ Pride Month 2019 campaigns?
Which of these did you like the most?
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